Sunday, October 28, 2012


Today I went to a church down the way a bit. It was a good walk, pleasant and cool. And the service was wonderful. It reminded me of the churches that are dotted and scattered across Africa with whom I have worshiped in the past. But I’ve never been in a service quite like this. They call it “thanksgiving service”, a time of celebrating Gods faithfulness in providing as we look at the harvest of the crops. I walked in alone and was greeted warmly. Nurses from my ward were scattered in the crowd, people from the hospital staff, a few familiar faces here and there. The service was good, but the worship was great. You know, there are times when you just can’t worship Him enough. You raise your hands in praise, but you long for more. Well, more was totally acceptable this morning. The whole body of those believers was engaged to worship God. To worship in dance and song with a crowded group of people in a dingy brick building just seems somehow right. And then, came the thanksgiving part. Since it is harvest, people brought their goods into the church. They gave what they had grown, or raised, or built. People danced with 50 pounds of corn on their backs, pots of dry beans, huge yams, 15 foot sticks of cane (sugar cane I think – and imagine that on someone’s head dancing through an already tight building), rabbits and chickens in baskets, a goat pulled along through the crowd on a rope, chairs built by carpenters… On and on it went, feet dancing while loads were swaying. We rejoiced as everyone brought their goods through. And then they went into a pile outside. After the service everyone gathered around to buy the goods so that the money could be donated to support the church. It was auction style. Had I known, I would have brought more money.  And a basket to carry stuff home in. The whole experience was so enjoyable. I snuck a few videos to allow you to experience it too.

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