Sunday, January 13, 2013

Prayers Offered

 I walked up the mountain today to rest my mind. I watched the white puffs of dust rise as each foot stepped upward. I thought of those I loved, and prayed for them. My mind wandered to a young cousin who I only get to see once in a while. I thought of how his road had been rough in some spots along the way. And how those roads have left some callouses. And yet I laughed aloud to think of how much I enjoy being with him. He almost never smiles, if he does, he tries to hide it. But to me, that is merely a challenge. I watch as the pumice stone of love wears down his callouses. See, those who know me well say that my love language is violence. They are just joking, but they are pretty much right. Well, with this young guy, it works wonderfully. My heart delights as I go toward his room, see him through the crack in the door, and then jump on him to tickle him. He writhes around, in joy and yet pain, trying to hold back the smile and laughter. But he can’t do it. And, boy, do I love it when he gets to laughing. I thought of him, and prayed for him. Wished I could be closer. Wondered what God would make of Him as he grows up into a man.

As I reached the place I had been walking toward, I leaned against the fence and watched the grass. I love to watch it sway beneath the wind. This area is so green, it is fenced off so that the cows cannot eat it until the other grass is dried up. I could watch that lush gentle dance for a long time with contentment. But, I figured it was time to head back. I turned my headphones to the next song. In the second long break before the song began, I heard moaning. I thought maybe it was just artifact, so I turned off the music to listen better. Nope, it was really there. A woman moaning and talking.

So, somewhat in concern and somewhat just plain nosy, I walked toward it. There, in the other direction from the way I had come, was a grove of shady trees with deep grass beneath it. I came right up to the barbed wire fence to peer over, but couldn’t see into the grove. I thought that maybe I should just turn and go, but then I saw a little inviting break in the barbed wire. So, I ducked under the broken portion of wire and headed toward the trees. As I walked, I began to realize that it wasn’t really painful moaning, it was praying. A woman was pouring out her heart before the Lord. As I reached the top of the little hill, I could finally see down in. A couple of women and a child rested in the tall grass. This woman cried out before the Lord, vulnerable in her pleading. It was as if I got to see inside someone’s heart for just a minute. Somewhere I shouldn’t have been, seeing what only the leaves of those trees were supposed to know. She cried out for a family member’s marriage, asking God to make it right. She begged for change and direction. I turned away, ducked beneath the fence again, and headed back down the dirt road.

I thought on the way back of how people all over the world are crying out for their loved ones. We are interceding for them, bringing them to the attention of God and asking for His provision. People far and near are reaching out to know God’s presence themselves, and make Him known to those they love. And it is amazing to see how God does move on behalf of those who seek Him. How He is longing for people to trust Him, and ask Him, and follow Him. His love is moving all over the world on behalf of their prayers.

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