Thursday, February 21, 2013

More things I think are funny

So, I had to walk a long ways to get this one. It's a funeral rental vehicle - if you can't read it, it says "Funeral service, the world is not enough". Maybe ya'll don't get it. I thought it was hillarious. 

Say cheese! or goat. The man who grills on the side of the road always has the goat head resting on its feet/legs out in front of the meat. At least it is smiling.

This one's not very funny if its you laying on the table. This is my OR room when the power goes off. Just hold pressure, the bleeding will eventually stop.

People here love photos. This is one of my patient's fathers. The patient just had surgery a day ago, but already the photos are developed of her in the hospital bed, and her fibroids in a bowl. Now the really funny part to me is that if you look closely at the fibroid pic, the border is wedding theme, wedding bells and berries.What a romantic picture!

It's a little hard to visualize, and for those non medical folks, this is a laparoscopic grasper (it is used for video surgery through tiny holes in the abdomen in the states). Well, here I found it in the janitors hands, cleaning trash out of a gutter. Hey, give that back, one day we might be able to use it!

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