Friday, March 8, 2013

Reinforcements Have Arrived

The rainy season has started. Oh the joys of putting on a rainsuit and rainboots - it makes you 20 years younger. It's also pretty refreshing to lie in the cool evening breeze and listen to the rain on the tin roof. The rhythmic sound beckons to something deep inside, calling me to a deep, sound sleep.

But it's not nearly as refreshing as having my family come visit. My mom and stepdad have piled up in my little house for just over a week. I stored up on a bunch of good stuff in the city 5 hours away when I went to pick them up from the airport. I bought things that had never been in my house before - cheese, napkins, paper towels, crackers, a toilet bowl sanitizer/deoderizer, etc. They are living the life of luxury, but they don't really know it. I'm kind of enjoying the fancy stuff too, even every flush of the toilet brings a lovely mountain fresh scent.

But, the high life is only part of the story. Besides that, they've been put to work. Sean is working with the orthopedic team and helping to teach some students. The first day on the job he saw "more pathology that all the rest of my career". I had him assist me in a C-section, and believe that soon he will be wooed to the world of Ob/Gyn. In his off time, I have him finding ways to block the lizard from crawling up into my washing machine drainage pipe, fixing the shower, etc. Mom is providing anesthesia, and teaching anesthesia students. It's nice to see her up there at the head of the table, I realize that the patient is in good hands. In her time off, I have her cleaning up the yard and managing the garden. It is also her responsibility to debone the chicken for dinners. She says that she misses chic-fil-a where the chickens don't have names and come properly cut up.  When they finish their respective chores, I have them put on their hiking clothes and conquer mountains. Though sometimes the mountains conquer us instead.

Sunday they were allowed a bit of rest. They experienced church like they never had before. Everyone was dancing and swaying - everyone except them. Again, they confirmed to the Africans that white people can't dance. I guess it takes a bit of getting used to in order to really let loose. I loved to watch everyone dance their offerings up to the basket in the church - the old, hobbling woman with the cane, the man with the shriveled useless hand, a child, a wealthy woman from the community, an impoverished man, and then each of us. I always enjoy watching everyone join together to worship, and I'm glad that they could experience it with me. 

It's funny to watch them and listen. "Did you see that?", "Take a picture of this", "I can't believe that". The sights, the smells - they are much more intense here. There are constantly cultural and medical differences along the way that amaze them. Sometimes I forget how different it is, so it is kind of fun to have them remind me.

But, alas, while we live on the earth, all good things must come to an end. By the time I post this, they will likely be flying back over the big lake. My house will be quiet again. I'll be fighting off the bugs and critters all by myself. But I'm glad they have come and given of themselves by their work in the hospital. They have been refreshing and entertaining. I'm so thankful for their presence.

Bye Mom and Sean! It's been a pleasure having you. I'm sending some love back with you. Spread it abroad.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed their visit. You sound refreshed! I'm sure those Girl Scout Cookies helped, too. :)