Sunday, December 15, 2013

A funny, likely distorted sense of humor

Hats. People wear some funny ones, mostly passed down from a holiday. But they aren't wearing them for a holiday, they are actually wearing them for a hat. 
Thanks America for the costume!

I don't even know what caption to write. Go get em tiger.

Well, I thought this lady had on a hat, then I realized that it wasn't. 
Baby Santa. Thanks again America!
The old, distinguished man hats aren't like ours.
Santa Motorcycle Taxi. No extra charge. 

Okay, enough with the hats. Though they never cease to make me laugh. 

Next is hospital scenes.

Sometimes you just need a good soft place to rest. 

The taxi just at the hospital gate. Poor fellow in the trunk, as if it hasn't been a hard enough day. 

So, maybe you can't see this, but even though balancing a  huge mass of junk on the head and in the hand, she still has the skill to use her cell. And you thought you had talent. 

Never saw this in the sterilizing room in the US.

Wheres Waldo? I mean, where in the world is my scrub tech?

This isn't funny to me. It's a darn plague of flying insects - everywhere around the hospital.

And this is the kind of plague they like. Grasshoppers everywhere. They catch and eat. This is the storekeeper at the hospital showing me her bag of the ones she caught in the store. Including the ones that just came off of the toilet paper rolls that I bought. I told her she could have them. 

And then for road scenes.
These are a combo, the two are always found together. They know that nobody is going to pay attention to a silly "caution, sharp turn" or "low shoulder", so instead, they quantify how many people have died at this particular location. (Ici 10 morts=here 10 dead). I'll admit that this is dark humor, but I think these signs are funny cause they would never be culturally appropriate in the US. 

Sometimes you just know someone is a nice, warm person. Other times, they probably aren't. Bumper stickers state "Beware of BAD friends" and "SHUT UP, are you God?" x 2. Makes me want to beware of him.

And around the village
"Mbingo - Upper Old Peoples Club"
You are looking at the old peoples gardening spot just behind the sign, inside the "fence". I have no idea if there is actually a clubhouse.

And around town about an hour away

This gang of 4 or 5 police women are streetside high heel shoe shopping on their shift. Machine gun in tow on shoulder. I can't take authority seriously when they are buying stilletos. Really???

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