Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Moving Along

After a year and a half, I knew for sure that the hospital where I had initially been assigned was not a place that I would call home. Trustworthy people who had walked these paths before I came advised me some time ago to consider another place. I lingered, wanting to make sure that I had done my part and tried to honor my commitment. It has become clear that I have fulfilled my obligations to the best of my ability, and am able to move on to something else.

As my two year term is drawing nearer and nearer to a close, I've decided that it is time to volunteer at another location to see what differences may be found in another mission hospital setting. The organization that I work for (Samaritan's Purse) has been constantly supportive and gracious, and has agreed that I am able to explore other options for the last months of my service.

So, bags are packed and I'm heading off on another journey. I am going to a hospital in Togo, West Africa (a few centimeters up on the globe, but pretty far away in reality). There I will be on a team with some other doctors who are trained in obstetrics. I'm excited to see differences within practice patterns and medical care between hospitals. I'm also looking forward to working within the community of believers there (of whom I already know a few people).

I'm refreshed and encouraged as I step into a new place and new phase. I'm looking ahead to see what God has in store. And I am thankful that it is He who holds my hand and leads through it all. Thanks for your prayers as I transition. I'll try to keep the stories coming. 

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