Monday, August 13, 2012

Packing and repacking. Overweight. Aaarrrgh! Too much or too little. Shift the weight around. Should I just take another bag. Two hundred dollars, what??? No way, no more bags. Shift the weight again. Combined with change of address and power of attorney, plus a hundred other seemingly insignificant errands to check off. Quality time with you, and you, and you, which I love. But, oh darn, I missed somebody. Then the frustrations lead to irritability.

And then for a little while I just stop.
Stop running as hard as I am able.
Stop trying to get too much in.
Stop feeling the stress welling up inside me.

To remember that this is a blessing. The opportunity to go and serve is what I have poured years of my life into. Preparations long before today have been made seeking to glorify God with a life lived. And so, in the midst of hustle and bustle, God can bring refreshment. I remember what He has walked me through time after time in the past. How many times He has overwhelmed me with joy. And how many times He has comforted me in my tears. I look forward to what He will take me through during the journey yet to come. And  I look forward to walking every road with Him.

Thanks for praying for me. The paths of life have been much more pleasant due to getting to work, live, and play with many of those of you who will read this.

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