Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Things We See As We Walk Through

Began in the morning with a chapel service. The nurses from the labor ward were leading the worship time, so I made sure I was there to participate. Maybe it was because I knew the people up there singing, or maybe it was that I heard them practicing the day before, but it was easier to enjoy corporate worship than it has been anytime thus far here. I loved to watch them dance, and part of me wanted to stand and move so my whole body could worship too. However, the guy beside me was sitting very close to me on part of my white coat and didn't look like he wanted to be there and certainly didn't want to move a bit. So, I just worshiped from my seat. But I swung my arms a little extra hoping to knock that guy beside me into worship mode too. 

Rounds went fine afterward, getting to see the patients who I had begun to enjoy getting to know  over the past days. Then I walked around to take some pictures. People always want to know what it's like. So, for my L&D and high risk nurses at home I took a few.. . 

 The delivery room

The baby warmer

The postpartum ward

Then I saw walked by some offices and snapped a couple photos for the nurse managers and administrators, I thought maybe they'd be able to use the idea and make some up for the hospital there in Greenville...

Then away from the hospital I went, up into the hills. Not all that far, but far enough to be different and somewhat exciting. We chose the road less traveled on the way up. And when I say road, I don't mean it. Wasn't even really a path. Eight foot high elephant grass all over and just pushing our way through. Until we met up with the dirt road, the road more traveled, but no less beautiful. And to the river that cuts its way over the green slopes to crash over the edge, creating a massive waterfall. It wasn't an extremely long hike, didn't take us too far away really. But it gave time for the mind and soul to find refreshment. 

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