Monday, November 26, 2012

Things I Think are Funny

Someone noted that my blog was depressing, so here are some things that I think are funny in Cameroon. Maybe they will cheer you up. Sometimes people don't understand my humor, but I think I it usually quite good.  

If you've ever seen a newborn baby under the blue lights in the US, it's just a bit pitiful. But here, its much more pitiful. Poor thing is closed up in a wooden box with blue bili lights shining down, eyes blindfolded by a bandana type cloth to protect them from the light. For some reason, it is always funny to me though - looks like a tiny abduction victim. Its probably not funny to you, but maybe.

This one is what "you're having twins" indicates in Cameroon. One on each arm while you ride the motorcycle. 

This one came on a bad day. Everything seemed to be a struggle. I had to do a procedure in the OR. As I bent down to take the broken bed apart, I saw this sign mounted on the underside of the OR table. I thought, "well, I guess this is encouraging on a bad day, at least the table won't blow up". 

The female bathroom sign is normal, a little girl in a triangle type dress. And then you see the male sign. I mean, I never thought the normal, general sign was flattering to the male figure, until I saw this one. Wierd. Where in the world did they get this? Oh yeah,  Africa. 

The flash distorted the photo a bit, but this is a box of tea in the store. There's tea for everything, sex, fat, etc. But this is my favorite. "The de la defication" - Defecation tea (for those who speak country - tea to help you poop). Note the cool picture with the woman reading on the toilet. 

This one isn't really funny, its kind of gross. What's for dinner? Fish heads. I didn't eat these.

Now, this one seems funny to me every time I come to town. It never gets old for me. The sign below says "At your own risk WILD DOGS". If you don't get why this one is funny, I can't help. 


  1. Christy, you make me laugh! :) (and, you are very good at blogging).

  2. Never stop blogging about the hard things, and the funny things too.

    I am mostly silenced by your blog. But do not stop.